Three hardcore bands had already played that sweltering june afternoon when GG Allin emerged from the apartment of his friend and walked naked across the street to the stage. He was in an especially frenzied state, having spent the afternoon doing prodigious amounts of cocaine.

Out of control from the get-go, he attacked the crowd with a vengeance that was extreme even for allin. He viciously cracked several people in the face with his microphone, drawing blood, and knocked one photographer unconscious with his own camera. In the middle of his second song, Allin defecated on stage, picked up the excrement, and rubbed it on himself and a woman in the audience. When soundman john credo then pulled the plug on the show, Allin hurled himself into a set of french doors, sending shattered glass and splintered wood flying. While allin stumbled about, coverded in blood from head to toe, the audience began to riot, stampeding into the court yard, throwing chairs and pieces of metal and bottles from a recycling bin. The bouncers who were hired as security began beating people trapped inside the small performance space with socks filled with metal or rocks....After just one and a half songs, Allin's last gig ever.

-Article from spin magazine-

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