GG Allin, described as Public Animal Number#1, was truly the Highest Power. He is God (fittingly, since his birth name was Jesus Christ Allin eventually changed to Kevin Michael Allin), for the strong and powerful individual he was, plain and simple. His mission was to bring danger back into Rock 'N' Roll & without question he certainly achived that. GG did what he damned well pleased and didn't give a fuck about laws or society, saw it for what it was, fucking lame. He lived life by his own rules like a TRUE anarchist. His shows were a battle field, Fighting audience members, beating the shit out of them & throwing his excrement at them, sometimes fans would fight back and GG abused himself on stage as well, self-mutilation, bashing himself in the skull with the mic, etc etc.. Other times avoiding the police. GG was arrested over 52 times but that didn't stop him cause he kept on with his mission Unlike all of the lame ass poseur bands such as manson, GG was a TRUE artist. He was, is & Always shall be the king of punk and all of rock & roll!!!

If your not farmilar with the GG Allin legend then check out following, about the man, the son of evil who cut a destructive path through Rock N Roll and the wreckage which was everything that stood in his path!


This guy dies for you every time he sets foot on stage. GG Allin is no artist, definitely no musician and he's the last guy you'll ever call politically correct. The story of GG Allin includes some of the most primal, crude, badly-recorded attempts at putting rape on vinyl (and cassette when he runs out of money). His live shows are the stuff of legends: Stories of shit-eating (and flinging), masterbation, shooting up, arm slashing, mikestands crushing front-row skulls, etc... and it's all true, no hype whatsoever. Best of all, nothing that GG Allin does is motivated by a desire to become famous, rich or respected. Most of his records are out-of-print or near-impossible to find. His shows are often kept very low -key, so as not to arouse the local PD. The man himself is usually broke.

He's also usually in terrific physical pain, the result of many heavy objects (beer bottles, chairs, bowling balls, safes) that he's been struck with night after night.

The most underappreciated and misunderstood man on the face of the earth... why does he bother? Because somewhere in his admittedly damaged mind, GG Allin personally believes the rock 'n' roll he creates is the hardest core there is. Still, most of the nations more academic scum (see villiage voice, 10/21/86), consider MR. Allin to be nothing more than a mentally retarded exhibitionist. OF course, it all comes down to opinion, but most rock journalists have failed to reconize that many healthy young people (guys and girls), a song like "needle up my cock", or "Drink, Fight & Fuck" is far more entertaining and cathartic than any Peter Holsapple or the Del-Lords are likely to create in their entire fucking lives. GG Allin isn't being obscene as much as he's spouting the very same philosophy most people wish they had the guts to say themselves. Famous punk-rock musicans who number themselves amongst GG Allin's legion of fans include Volcano Suns, Squirrel bait, the dehumanizers, Wayne Kramer, Cheetah Chrome, Joey Ramone, Michael Cudahy and Thurston Moore. Of course, none of these people would allow GG to sleep over at their house, but their not stupid. Not much more I can say other than dig the tape, and catch GG's live show if he's ever within 200 miles. Smart money says he won't live past 1987, so don't miss him. And unless you're trying out for a very rough detergent commercial, don't stand anywhere near the stage.

New York City, 12/86


The episode is called: THE ENEMY WITHIN. Captain kirk, beams up from the surface of the mysterious planet. A minute later, a second, duplicate, Captain Kirk beams aboard.

This second Kirk is evil. He contains all the 'bad' parts of the original kirk's personality. An animal, he demands to take control of others, while losing his own self control. He yells, fights with the crew, and tries to rape the women. The odd thing about this evil guy, is that the 'good' captain kirk can't function without him. Not having the angry, emotional animal side of his personality, he becomes a wimp, unable to make decisions, unable to stand up for anything. only when the 'good' kirk joins with the 'animal' kirk, can the captain again function as a compassionate yet strong leader. GG Allin is the 'enemy within' of Rock 'n' Roll. We can't live without him. He is every mother's worst fear and every rebelious kid's most fervent wish. He's got no politics, no social message, nothing attractive, clever or cute. He's pure animal. He lives to drink, fight and fuck and for nothing else. He is the core of what this music is all about. He is a rebel with a cause, and that cause is rebellion itself. Strip Rock 'n' Roll of all the trappings, of all the niceties, and you've got GG Allin.

There have been others, Iggy Pop and Stiv Bators of the dead boys among them. There will be other's in the future, after GG quits or finally goes too far. We need them to keep us in tune, to push us to the edge, to complete our personalities----to make us whole.

The congressional wives and their censorship push are right about the true essence of Rock 'n' Roll. Thank God!

Because GG never gets to play more than 20 minutes before the plug is pulled---a true live recording would have been impossible. Also, most songs recorded live have unintelligible vocals or other techincal problems. This cassette is, therefore, a 'fake' live show----one that could never be. I have used pieces from live shows interspersed with songs from various sources throughout GG's eight year career. The song versions with the New York Superscum have never been released before. One song, 'ten year old fuck', is an exclusive on this release.

So sit back, unzip your pants, and enjoy it while you can.


Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth): 'I only hope he kills me before he kills himself."

Peter Wright: "GG Allin, the founder of punk rock..."

Bryon Coley:"Iggy may have started it, but he wasn't man enough to finish it. GG is the terminator."

RJ (Village Voice) :"A guy who for at least one night didn't care if he died, maybe he wanted to."

Steve Albini (Big Black): (About GG's show in chicago) "It was the best four bucks I ever paid for a gig."

Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys): " Even some of the more dogmatic men and political women in the bay area always had a soft spot in their heart for GG Allin 'cause he was just so extreme."

Tim Yohannon (Maximum Rock 'n' Roll): 'Oh my god----Pooh pooh on toast!"



By bloody F.Mess

I first heard a GG Allin record in 1983, although he had been thrashing around since 1978. I heard the opening of "Drink, Fight & Fuck" and I knew this was the band for my sick tastes. From then on whenever my band did gigs around chicago or wisconsin I'd make sure everyone knew what GG Allin was all about. The reaction was the same; "oh man, that guy sucks". So I would just flip 'em off and turn up my tape player and drown out their blatant impotency and scared punk rock conformity and say "eat my fucking shit". It's now 1987 and GG Allin is still my favorite piece of deformed ugly trash and I've gotten to know the man behind the legend.

At the beginning of his 1985 "hated in the nation tour" US tour, I picked GG up at the peoria bus station and we departed to the dark underbelly and very real world of our own insane and outright destructive nature. Here was the hellraising scumfuc ready for adrenaline and drug overdose with self-inflicted & nauseating crash landing. Within two hours of drug and massive liquor abuse, GG beat the shit out of me and left my mohawked brain to scramble on the cockroach infested rat's nest that we were dwelling in. A satisfying beginning to a hate realationship that has lasted to this day.

I experinced GG on his us tour in august 1986 as I was the opening act. Lots of blood, violence, nudity, defecation, unconsciousness, puke, rape, emergency room visits, and just plain real ugliness. I experienced the disasters, scars, the gay clubs and the transsexuals, shit odors, long bus rides, public cunnilingus, disillusionment, theft, tension, riots, skins, nazis, guns and near death, all in 3 weeks.

The underground music scene is a fast paced, exhausting world to keep up with. Especially when your running with a real animal. GG Allin is the hard core. Noncompromising rock in a world where compromise runs rampant in daily lives. GG is the one who goes all the way and who actually wants to die on stage. GG's music and personality match his tattos-hard, savage and primal, sorta like a knife being twisted in an open wound. Maybe we should ask the kid in chicago how his head felt after GG beat his face with a microphone stand. Or the crowd at NYC'S Cat club who ran for their lives as GG attacked. When you see GG you'd better expect the real thing. His last girlfriend was still in the hospital as I write this. GG's track record speaks for itself. Just don't invite him to your next party. It's dangerous.

--Bloody F. Mess, Peoria, IL.


In issue #117 of flipside magazine Nardwuar interviewed Iggy Pop and asked Iggy briefly about GG.

Nardwuar: What do you think, Iggy, of GG Allin? He was totally inspired by you. Iggy, you started it and GG finished it!

Iggy: Did he get the "GG" like from my "GG's" in "Iggy"?

Nardwuar: Probally. I'm not sure. But I know he was totally influeneced by you.

Iggy: That's what somebody told me, that he called himself GG from my "GG's"

Nardwuar: What did you think of him? What did you think of his performance? Did you ever listen to his stuff? Did you ever see him?

Iggy: No, I never saw him, but I think GG's a pretty cool name.

Scuz would like to point out that: GG was born Jesus Christ Allin (obviously) nor he or merle could say the name right so thats where 'GG'(Je Je) came from.


"What I like about GG is, when I first discoverd him it was a review of this video. It said, 'watch GG stick a bottle in his ass, watch GG beat up his band members, watch GG take a shit in and roll around in glass, 'I'm like, yeah...this guy is cool, this is punk rock!"

Mentioned by Unk from the hated film


*A couple of reviews of freaks and faggots cd from amazon*

***** (and deservingly so) GG himself thought highly of this recording ! The Best!
Reviewer: A music fan

Back in '88, when the vast majority of punk bands either disbanded or lamed out altogether, GG produced this gem. GG said himself that this album represented who he was, ( self destructive, self humiliating, and breaking every single social taboo possible) GG's music introduced urination, rape, pedophilia, and use of the 'N' word in the defiant race of a rising tide of political correctness. This is what punk is supposed to be: antisocial, terrifying and repulsive to the entire population except for a small handful, say 0.1 % or less. Much of GG's stuff is hit or miss, depending on who backed him up year to year, and this recording is a bit hit! If punk rock never exsisted, GG would have invented it himself.

*****god of fire in hell
Reviewer: Liquorslicked

G.G. best was described as true to life gutter trash without a care for anyone or anything but this album truly puts him into perspective showing that he was not an animal but a person like you and me it emphasizes his hate and puts all the energy and raw power with songs like commit suicide and die when you die so if you love G.G. check it out

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